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The art Gallery “Kunsthandel Kolhammer” is adorning the antique district in the Viennese city center for quite some time now. With much love and passion the young entrepreneurs lead their shop, containing a wide selection of art objects.

In the first years Nikolaus and Florian mainly dealt with glass of the glass manufacture Johann Loetz-Witwe Klostermühle and arts and crafts of the Wiener Werkstätte. From the beginning those two fields fascinated the two young dealers. The high quality execution, the reduced shapes and the complex crafting techniques of these treasures sparked the wish to intensify their knowledge about those pieces.

A couple years ago the two businessmen took notice of the works of the Werkstätte Hagenauer. From 1923 to 1986 Karl and Franz Hagenauer, also two brothers, manufactured design pieces of a very high quality and a strong artistically appearance in their small metal workshop in Vienna. Being fascinated by the objects of this extraordinary workshop Florian and Nikolaus are now considered two of the leading specialists on the topic of Hagenauer.

Besides those three specialties the two Kolhammer brothers acquired a broad spectrum of general knowledge of art objects from the time around 1900. Next to unique high quality pieces of the Jugendstil in general the customer will find some rare and precious objects by Louis Comfort Tiffany. In addition they are also offering a selection of genuine furniture suites and single pieces by famous wood workshops like Thonet, J. & J. Kohn and Portois & Fix.

From birth on, Florian and Nikolaus Kolhammer were closely attached to the world of art. Both parents were amongst the best art dealers during their vocational career and even nowadays count as experts in their respective fields. Even before, the paternal grandfather started its business as a second-hand dealer in 1920. This deep love to art was introduced to Nikolaus and Florian since childhood through visits at art fairs and museums, all part of their youth. After the a-level exams and the subsequent obligatory community service both brothers worked in the gallery of their father. For the first time they were confronted with the sheer spectrum that the art business has to offer and made their first steps towards the direction of decorative arts.

After a few years in the business there was an urge for an own gallery. A specialization was found very quickly because both of them lost their heart to the Jugendstil and subsequently the early design. What interested the two brothers the most were the ingenious designs of famous artists like Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Dagobert Peche, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Karl and Franz Hagenauer, Charles Rennie Macintosh and Archibald Knox. With the help of their mother and father they were able to establish an art gallery centered on the arts and crafts. First with big help from their parents then on their own, Nikolaus and Florian got a reputation that stands for quality, customer service and perfect consultation, not only in Austria but also internationally recognized.

Besides these changes they managed to publish their 6th sales catalogue eacht with over 50 high quality objects which got a lot of attention on the art market. Cooperation with various museums around the world, throughout New York, Paris, Berlin and, of course, Austria reinforced their international standards.

Kunsthandel Kolhammer is among the permanent exhibitors at Austria’s most important art fairs. These regular appearances include the “Art & Antique” in the Wiener Hofburg and the “Art & Antique” in the Residenz in Salzburg. Nikolaus and Florian have already participated in almost 40 art fairs in Europe and the United States. In 2016 they were accepted as participants of the "Spring Masters New York" and celebrated one of their greatest successes at this fair. In February 2017 a presentation followed at the "Palm Beach Jewellery, Art & Antique Show". In September 2017 and 2018 they exhibited at the prestigious "La Biennale des Antiquaires" at the Grand Palais in Paris. Further appearances at these high-quality fairs are already fixed.

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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"

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Our gallery is located in a side street of the Wiener Graben, only a couple of minutes away from the famous Wiener Stephansdom. Being in the art dealer’s quarter of Vienna we offer you a shop stocked with high quality objects of the Jugendstil and Design. You will not only find items of arts and crafts but also seating groups, tables, chairs, chandelier, hanging lamps along with clocks and candelabrums. We also offer complete table services made of glass and metal.

For a couple of years now we do offer selected sculptures and pieces of jewellery. Our inventory changes regularly and invites you to discover new treasures.

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