Loetz Vase Phen. Gre 1/18 ca. 1902

Loetz-Witwe glassworks in Klostermuhle
Loetz Vase Phen. Gre 1/18 ca. 1902
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The glassworks Johann Loetz-Witwe Klostermuhle constantly experimented with new decorations and shapes. Around the turn of the years 1900 and 1901, the first vases with droplet applications appeared in Europe. Max Ritter von Spaun, the owner of the Loetz glassworks, was most likely inspired by works of Louis Comfort Tiffany when it came to the design element of the applied droplets. These technically sophisticated decorations have their own adornments at Loetz in the form of drawn, iridescent threads.

Many vases of this type have an opalescence ground with yellow, combed threats on which brown-silver droplets are applied. The colour combination cobalt-blue with silver threads on Zephyr ground is being referred to as very rare in the expert’s literature. The vase has a reduced modern shape that can be traced back to the enterprise „L. S. Mayer & Co, Berlin“, ca. 1902.

Bib.: E. Ploil, H. Ricke e.a. (ed.), „Loetz – Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940“, vol. II, Musterschnitte, Prestel Verlag, Munich 1989, paper pattern 1181/534-01

Diameter 5"
Height 13.2"
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Loetz Vase Phen. Gre 1/18 ca. 1902

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