Koloman Moser 48piece glass set

Koloman Moser
Koloman Moser 48piece glass set
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Incredible Rare 48 piece Set by Koloman Moser: Chamapgne, Water, Wine, Beer, Sherry


Koloman Moser was one of the most important members of the Vienna Secession. In 1899, Koloman Moser was appointed as a teacher at the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule (schools of arts and crafts) for decorative drawing and painting. During that time, Moser designed some of the most important pieces of his creative activity, amongst others the design of this glass service. The decoration named “Meteor” is one of Moser’s most famous patterns and a complete set is incredibly rare. Each glass is in a very good condition. This set also contains two wine beakers, two dessert wine beakers, one water beaker and a liquor beaker, all equipped with plugs.
There are 9 glasses each for beer, wine, champagne and water and 5 glasses for sherry.

Lit.: Koloman Moser, Prestel, Museum Leopold, S. 127-128; Archive of the Wiener Werkstatte, Museum for applied Arts Vienna, genuine photograph nr. WWF 94-66-2

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Koloman Moser 48piece glass set

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