Gustav Gurschner Table Clock Godess of Victory Nike

Gustav Gurschner
Gustav Gurschner Table Clock Godess of Victory Nike
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Gustav Gurschner is among the most famous Austrian sculptors of the 20th century. His remarkable talent and his extensive artistic education allowed him to create some of the best works of the Wiener Jugendstil, among them the king’s obelisk in Veszprém in 1908, the Emperor’s monument of Hohenelbe around 1916 and the portrait of King Eduard the VII. of England.
Gurschner rarely designed clocks during his career. Among the most beautiful of his drafts are two table clocks from 1913. This clock shows Nike the goddess of victory carrying a wreath dressed in roman cloths. The execution is very delicate and elegant; the stone column is massive and undamaged. The Celtic ornament, typical for Gurschners works, displays beautifully gilt around the center of the clock. The object is marked at the back and was executed by the K. K. Kunstgießerei Wien. This model is incredibly rare and well-made, which makes it a desirable piece for every collector.
Bib.: Catalogueraisonnéof the works of Gustav Gurschner, GG-1913004: Uhr mit Siegesgöttin, Mod. Nr. 548 (um 1913)

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Gustav Gurschner Table Clock Godess of Victory Nike

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