Franz Hagenauer kneeling nude

Hagenauer Franz Hagenauer
Franz Hagenauer kneeling nude
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Almost reserved and submissive her gaze touches the floor, but her body is full of tension. Her pose expresses pride and power, almost like a gymnast athlete at the end of her performance. The silk scarfs almost snuggle up against her, caressing the slender body. The feet are positioned perfectly. This whole figurine might be a big homage to the female body, to the precision of athletes or both. Only one thing is certain: it is monumental, breathtakingly beautiful and radiates a sublime perfection.
Even during his lifetime Franz Hagenauer was known as a fiery admirer of the female body. Being a gymnast himself, Franz knew like no other how to depicture human bodies in movement and tension. The crafting process of this piece was incredibly complex: the body was beaten out of a single sheet of metal. The brass was worked long and precisely and encases almost the whole figure, the fingers and toes were shaped completely. This last attribute impressively shows the importance of this sculpture. Usually beaten objects were not worked out so detailed since the amount of worked involved in executing such a piece in such a complex technique is very high.
This figurine is among the most important pieces of the Werkstatte Hagenauer that we ever had the honour of presenting. It was executed as a unique piece in the late 1970s for a private New York City customer on behalf of Fred Silbermann. It is one of the major sculptures of the late time of the Werkstatte Hagenauer.
Provenance: Lord and Lady Jacobs Collection

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Franz Hagenauer kneeling nude

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